Add Wrapped Tokens
If there's no wrapped tokens showing up in your wallet, you can add tokens directly. Here we take MetaMask and wrapped Ether for example.
  1. 1.
    Select Network on MetaMask homepage.
WETH: Ethereum Mainnet
WBNB:Binance Smart Chain
WMATIC:Matic Mainnet
2. Select 'Add Token' in the bottom of the page.
3-1. Search for the wrapped token you'd like to add.
3-2. If you've known the token contract address, select 'Custom Token' on top-right of the page.
Type in the token contract address, and symbol and decimal will be automatically filled up.
Here are the addresses of the wrapped tokens often used on Lootex marketplace.
4. Click 'Next' and confirm the token you'd like to add.
5. Click 'Add Tokens' and successfully add token to your wallet.
6. Go back to MetaMask homepage and you'll see WETH below ETH.
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