NFT Giveaway


A set of account lists provided by customers. Lootex will airdrop NFTs to the specified accounts in sequence according to the list.

Whitelist & Claim

There are two whitelist presentation methods in this mode, one is that the client provides the whitelist address that can be a free claim, and the other is that the client verifies NFT contract and the corresponding token ID that can be a free claim.

  1. The customer provides the specified whitelist address

    1. If the wallet connected by the user is in the whitelist, the user can claim within the specified time.

    2. If the conditions are not met, the button will show you "You are not in the whitelist"

  2. The customer provides the specified NFT token ID

    1. The page will display the NFT list held by the user, and display the corresponding buttons or prompts according to the following three states

      1. If you are not in the whitelist: Not in the whitelist!

      2. If you are available to claim: Claim!

      3. If you already claimed the NFT: It's claimed!

    2. There are two ways to receive NFTs

      1. Specify the NFT ID to claim: Click and select the NFT asset to be used to claim, and click "Select Claim" below.

      2. Claim all NFTs at the same time: Click on the "One-click Claim" below, and the system will execute the claim for the remaining unclaimed assets, but the user cannot hold more than 20 assets, that exceed the upper limit of the single gas fee.

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