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📱Use Trust Wallet to Sign in MetaMask

This tutorial is for mobiles!
If you already have a Trust Wallet, but don't have a MetaMask, you can log in to MetaMask with the password you created in the Trust Wallet, no need to create a new MetaMask wallet.

Step 1. Download MetaMask from the official website

Go to https://metamask.io/download to download MetaMask.

Step 2. Import Wallet

1.Open MetaMask and tap "Import Using Secret Recovery Phrase".
Note: You must have a Trust Wallet account to follow the steps below.
2. Enter the password given when you created the Trust Wallet into the space below and set the password, then click "Import".
Note: If you lose these 12 words, no one will be able to help rescue you. Please make sure you remember these 12 words and the order in which they are written down.
3. Click "Done" and import completed.