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3-9. Matic token giveaway

Connect wallet to Matic network and get $0.001 Matic.

Step 1. Download MetaMask

Download MetaMask Extension on Chrome.

Step 2. Install Wallet

Step 3. Connect MetaMask to Matic Wallet

1. Go to https://matic.supply/, and click "Connect."
2. Select "Metamask"
3. Click "sign" and "Connect."

Step 4. Connect Network to Matic Wallet (could be skipped if you have connected before)

If you aren't connect to Polygon, it will pop-up this window to inform you re-connect.
1. Click Network and select 'Custom RPC'
2. Fill in the following information and click 'save'
Network Name:Matic Mainnet
Chain ID:137
Block Explorer URLhttp://explorer.matic.network/

Step 5. Receive the airdrop, check the balance

1. Click "Receive."
2. Check the balance
It might take about 5 minutes to receive the token.
The balance can be checked on both MetaMask and Polygon wallet.
Note: MATIC Wallet might shows $0 on the top, for the reason $0.001 is too small to be shown.