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📱Switch Marketplace

Switch to the correct Marketplace to buy NFTs on that chain (mobile ver.)
Lootex is committed to building a rich and diverse ecosystem and constantly optimizing our functions so that NFT can have a wider range of applications!
We currently support three chains, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (formerly Matic), and each of these three chains has a different NFT on the shelf, so collectors can choose different chains to choose and buy!
If you want to buy NFT, you have to switch networks on the Lootex Marketplace according to the network it exists in order to buy, remember that the wallet should also be stored! (e.g. to buy NFT on BSC, change the network to BSC and save enough BNB)

Step 1. Go to https://lootex.io and tap the function column in the upper right corner

Step 2. Select different chains under Marketplace column

Select "on Ethereum", "on Binance Smart Chain" or "on Polygon (Matic)" according to your needs, and then you can enter the Marketplace of that network.
Note: After changing the web page to the desired "Marketplace", you still have to switch to Networks of Wallet to buy NFT, please read the next article