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2-1f. Sell NFTs on Marketplace

Here we use metamask wallet for instance.

⚠️ Reminder:

Make sure you have sufficient token in your crypto wallet ( to pay for the first listing fee )
You only need to pay the listing fee ONCE for the same NFT item.

Let's get into it!

  1. 1.
    Connect to your crypto wallet.
Click "Connect Wallet."
2. Move your mouse onto your wallet icon.
3. Click "To the Vault"
4. Move your mouse onto the collection you wanna sell.
Here take "Mule" for example.
5. Select "Sell this item."
6. (Skip to step 10 if you are not sell this item for the first time.) Lootex will request for authorization if you sell the item for the first time. Please click "Approve & Sign."
7. Click "Confirm." (This step needs you to have certain amount of token to complete)
8. Waiting for a while, depends on the amount of people that utilizing blockchain at that moment.
When it complete, it will pop up a window to inform you.
9. Check your transaction record for the Authorization.
- 0 MATIC for the gas fee is too low to show.
10. Enter the price of your collection.
11. Click "Start to Sell."
12. Scroll down and click "Sign."

You have successfully listed your NFT for sale!