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NFT with Unlockable Function

Lootex is committed to providing more NFT functions, and "Unlockable" is a function that requires the purchase of the NFT in order to unlock it for viewing more information.
Have you also bought an NFT with Unlockable function? Here's how to unlock it!
(Note: The wallet in the example is MetaMask, which is a Chrome extension, so please open the page in Chrome when doing the following steps)

Step 1. Go to Lootex Marketplace : https://lootex.io/zh-TW

Please remember to connect the wallet to Lootex Marketplace first, then move your mouse cursor to the wallet and click "To the Vault" to go to the collection.

Step 2. Select the NFT with Unlockable function

Please move the mouse cursor over the NFT and click the '...' bottom on the bottom-right for the menu.
Select 'Unlock.'

Step 3. Sign

After clicking "Unlock", the interface of Unlock Content will pop up, click "Sign & Unlock" on the right side.

Step 4. Sign on Wallet

After clicking Sign & Unlock, the wallet interface will pop up (here takes MetaMask for example), click on "Sign" in the bottom right corner.

Step 5. Open the Website

After signing on the wallet, a URL will pop up, click "Open Link" to view the content (in the picture below)!
(Note: Anyone who knows the url can also view the content, so please keep it secret to make sure your unlockable NFT is unique!)