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Accept Offer

  1. 1.
    When someone make an offer to your NFT, there would be a tag on top-left of it.
2. Click the NFT and check the price and expiry date. Click 'Accept Offer' if you are willing to sell the NFT.
Notice: If the offer price is less than 0.01, it would show up as '<0.01' instead of the accurate price.
3. Click 'Accept Offer' to confirm if you want to accept the offer.
Notice: For an unlisted NFT, the seller need to pay the gas fee (at step 6).
4. Click 'Approve & Sign' to authorize Lootex to manage selling item for you.
If an NFT is traded for the first time, gas fee will be charged.
5. Click 'Confirm' to pay gas fee.
6. Then confirm the gas fee for selling the item.
7. Then the offer is accepted.