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Create Qubic

  1. 1.
    Go to Qubic sign-in page by clicking 'Qubic' in the submenu of 'Connect Wallet' on Lootex homepage. The sign-in page is available on the site and Qubic app as well. Either interface is alike.
How to go to Qubic sign-in page on Lootex homepage.
Qubic sign-in page
2. Choose one of the accounts to log in with.
3. Here we take logging with a Google account as an example.
And please notice if you choose to log in with Apple ID, remember to choose 'share my email' as picture shown below, or you might not be able to retain your assets when you sign in next time.
Log in with Google
Make sure you choose 'Share My Email' if you log in with Apple ID.
4. Confirm the security information before setting up the password.
5. Setup the password.
For a password combined with numbers and letters, click 'Switch to alphanumeric password.'
6. You can backup your password to Google Drive.
7. Enter the password again.
8. If there are multiple accounts, select one to continue.
9. Then the setups are all be done.