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Create MetaMask

MetaMask is a way to connect to Ethereum using Chrome browser, which is a relatively low barrier for newbies!

Step 1. Download MetaMask from the official website

1.Go to https://metamask.io/download to download MetaMask.
Note: Use Chrome.
2. Add to Chrome.
3. Agree to Install.

Step 2. Install Wallet

  1. 1.
    Click "Get Started".
2. If you are a new user, select "Create a new wallet"; if you already have an account, select "Import using seed phrase" and use the backup phrase to log in. Here is an example of creating a new wallet.
3. Set a password.
4. After watching the "Secure your wallet" video in which the agent introduces the importance of the Master Key and the backup phrase "Secret Recovery Phrase". Click "Next" after watching.
5. Tap "CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS" to display the backup phrase that you can use to retrieve your wallet if you later delete the app or change phones. If you lose these 12 words, no one can help rescue you.
‼️ Never let anyone know your wallet backup phrase (like the key to your house). Please write it down immediately with a pen, please write it down immediately with a pen, please write it down immediately with a pen, (say it three times).‼️
6. Select the phrase in the order of the backup phrase.
7. Creation completed.
8. In the top right of your browser, add Metamask to Chrome Extensions for future use.

Step 3. Find your wallet address

The wallet address is like a bank account number that the other party needs to know when receiving cryptocurrency or NFT.
  1. 1.
    Mouse over the Metamask extensions for Chrome.
  2. 2.
    Move the mouse to the top of the account and click to copy it.